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  • 26. 02. 2021
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Universitas Teuku Umar (UTU) is a university with a focus on agro- and marine industry. It started as Akademi Pertanian Meulaboh (Agricultural Academy of Meulaboh) in 1984 and became a university in 2006. 


UTU has set a vision and mission, namely:


"To be a source of inspiration and reference in the development of science, technology and business in the agro- and marine-based industry on regional (2025), national (2040), and international (2060) level, through innovative, creative and highly competitive research."


  1. Organizing science, technology, information and cultural development programs that are relevant to the development needs both regionally, nationally and internationally.
  2. Carrying out innovative and highly competitive research to support the construction and development of science and technology.
  3. Producing and disseminating research results that can be used as references in the development of science and business.
  4. Producing relevant science and technology to market needs.
  5. Producing graduates who have high enthusiasm for entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship spirit).